And it fell from above!

20 Jul

As my seven year old son was in the bathtub I sat on my bed relaxing from a busy day. Hearing Judah playing definitely cheered me up. His sound effects along with his amazing imagination is always entertaining.

When Judah got out of the bath and “dressed” (I say that because ever since he spent the night at a friend’s house whose children only slept in their underwear, my son now just wears underwear to bed.) he crawled into bed with me. He was in a great, snuggling mood which I will always take the opportunity as much of his hugs as possible since he gives them out so sparingly.

Anyway, I gave him until 8:30 to finish his show and go to bed. Instead of finishing his show he turned the TV off at 8:15 and wanted to talk. He told me in more detail than at dinner time the things he did at his camp. When I saw it was bedtime for Bonzo as taken from an old movie, Judah reminded me he needed to take his medicine.

I go downstairs to get his medicine and a cup of water and return. After he took it I told him to wait a minute that I needed to use the restroom before I tucked him into bed. While waiting in my bed Judah picked up one of his books from my bedroom floor to read while I did what I had to do.

Just as I was walking out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom Judah started screaming as if his arm had been cut in half. I knew that kind of scream for I had used it many, many times. It could only mean one thing…an EXTRA LARGE ROACH ATTACK had take place.

I go into the bedroom and sure enough it was. Judah said he was reading his book. He thought he saw something on the ceiling but ignored it. Just a moment later he heard something fall and land on the page he was reading in his book. When he looked and saw it was at least the size of his hand, he screamed and threw the roach (and his book) across the room. Then, he ran out of the room.

So, standing at the bedroom doorway are me and Judah looking to see the roaches location as if we feel we were safe because there was no way the roach could cross the threshold to get us. Then, I felt something on my arm. I screamed and started to run. The problem was my kid was right behind me. We looked as if we were doing a three Stooges routine. Well, what I thought was a roach was actually some dental floss that was stuck to my arm.

Judah and I knew there was no way in hell we were returning to the bedroom when their was a tremendous roach on the lose. It could get us in the night and we just weren’t going to have it.

I looked at Judah and told him to get the air mattress that we were going to sleep downstairs. Judah started to panic and asked what if the roach goes downstairs. Judah also informed me it’s the downstairs where the roaches probably get into the house. When I asked what Judah’s plans were if that was the case

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