26 Jul

I listened to the president’s speech last night and it’s clear our country is in a panic about the pending solution to our country’s deficit. President Obama is worried because the parties can’t make a compromise. One side wants to tax the very wealthy instead of cutting already heavily cut areas like education. The other side doesn’t feel they as part of the wealthy community should be penalized for having money and it is our spending that is what needs to be cut. And the spending would be in education and in the form of any government agency that one deems is receiving too much money.

I get the concept if we are spending too much, the “simplest” solution is to stop spending. But, cutting from areas like education and other needed areas is not the solution. We must be creative on how we can generate revenue to not only pay “our bills” but to begin to put back an investment in our future. At the same time I understand those in our government find it too close to home to be told the wealthy need to pay more taxes. I can only imagine how scary that must feel. After all the amount of perks they are given and the extra spending they do on the tax payer’s ticket could be jeopardized. But, let’s not panic. The solution is right in front of us and it would not require any of you to have to make any sacrifices. A win win for everyone.

My solution is simple and one that has never been proposed.

I say:

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Listen, haven’t we all been hearing over and over again how important it is to create jobs, revitalize our crime ridden neighborhoods and increase the real-estate market? Well, here’s one unconventional way.

You ask how in the hell will “BRINGING IN THE GAYS” possibly help? Well, let me tell yah.

Stereotypically, gays value their surroundings, they are creative at making the old look new again and many have the money to make those changes happen. Already done in many cities around the country “the gays” have an amazing talent of turning old discarded neighborhoods into charming ones which results in making a profitable and revitalized city. So, if “the gays” clearly have the ability to make positive changes our cities need then why not embrace them and encourage them to head to a city near you?

Here’s my suggestion. Each community start a “BRING IN THE GAYS” campaign to encourage “the gays” to move to their city. Instead of fighting against them, value them for what they can give back to your community.

So, what would be an incentive for “the gays” to come to your city? I have just the thing. Allow them to marry. Yep, that’s it. Since that’s what they want why not give it to them instead of expensive incentives that would actually cost the city more money. In fact allowing “the gays” to marry as an incentive to help enhance your city, those cities not only increase their opportunity to have their costly, run down communities improved but they also would be bringing in money directly from the marriage licenses. Both would be positive financial increases. What a fabulous win win for “the gays” and the cities. Obviously, cities cannot make “the gays” marrying contingent on doing something in return. The cities just have to have faith in “their gays” to invest in their city who kindly gave them mutual rights and respect. The cities would see that alone would encourage “the gays” to give back.

Now, you ask how “the gays” getting married could possibly increase a city’s bottom line? First, I’d support increasing the marriage license fee to $100 for anyone who applies (gay and straight). Then with each cities support in legalizing gay marriage, the number of “gays” filing for marriage licenses would be staggering. As those numbers increase a cities revenue would also increase.

Listen, I’d be proud to pay a higher marriage license fee knowing it would be my civic duty to help our country. Plus, I’d hate to see those government officials worry their pretty little heads on possibly giving up their own extra spending (even though it’s my tax money they’re using even for their paycheck). Gosh, it must be incredibly frustrating and taxing (no pun) debating the welfare of the less fortunate. Nothing like free plane rides and parties given in exclusive locations to clear one’s head. But, that’s another issue.

Anyway, back to “the gays” and how them marrying can help. Let me do the math for you. One in every 10 people are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. Let’s say your city has roughly a population of 100,000. Out of that number you have 10,000 GLBT. Let’s say at least 6,000 of those choose to marry. That would bring in $600,000 which maybe you say is a drop in the bucket with the amount many cities need. But, if cities would do a “bring in the gays” campaign to increase that number to lets say 15,000 that would bring in a revenue of $1,500,000 from the marriage licenses alone from just the GLBT community (not even counting the straight folks receiving marriage licenses). Potentially, communities could eradicate their own deficits and bring in needed money for their community. Now that’s what I call making a difference.

Obviously, once the rush of gay marriage is over that income will level off. But, that won’t happen for a few years and by that time other monies should be flowing as a result of that rush. We need a large financial impact that can alter the deficit quickly and can jump start our economy.

Our solution?


JFK once said,”Don’t ask what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” So, don’t hesitate to contact your city leaders to let them know how we as citizens can help. Spearhead your own “BRING IN THE GAYS” campaign and watch your communities grow and thrive.

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    July 26, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    I’ll take one.


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