My Baby Story (chapter 9- Good Riddance)

11 Jul


After our celebratory lunch Carol and I went home. We were exhausted and a much needed nap was in order. We saw we had a message on our answering machine and listened to see who it was. Well, would you like to guess who it was? Here, let me tell you. It was the nurse from the infertility clinic. She left a message asking that I call her back. It was in regards to the blood work I had earlier that day. OK, folks, if you got a call like that, what would you have thought? And so? What about my blood work? Couldn’t she have congratulated me for being pregnant? UH OH! She didn’t congratulate me. That must mean something was wrong! DAMNIT! I HATED THAT PLACE! One second all is fine and the next it seems not. Of course I called her back as quickly as I could dial the number but I only was able to receive her voicemail. I left a message. Every hour that past that day and I hadn’t gotten a call back from the nurse it made me more and more terrified. What was wrong? If everything had been OK she would have said on my answering machine, right? Honestly, do you want to know what was really going through my head? Let’s put it this way. There wasn’t one curse word that didn’t come out of my mouth at that point.

I finally heard back from the nurse after 6:00 that evening. She apologized for taking so long to get back with me. Yea, yea, whatever! She wasn’t the one having to wait. Meanwhile that was a mute point. Just tell me why you called already! In a monotone voice she said, “The results to your blood test has come back and it’s positive. That means you are pregnant right now.” She continued, ” We see your HCG levels are high and that concerns us.” First let me explain what HCG levels are. A women could be pregnant but if the HCG levels are under a certain number then the woman would eventually lose the baby. The HCG levels need to be high enough for the pregnancy to continue. In my case though she was telling me my HCG levels were higher. OK, so what did that mean? AND what the hell did she mean that I was pregnant “right now”? These folks at the infertility clinic were making me insane!

I asked the nurse about my high HCG levels and what that meant. Did it mean something was wrong? Would I lose the baby? All the nurse would tell me was I needed to return in two weeks to have another blood test and another vaginal sonogram. By that point of the conversation I was numb. I couldn’t think. Once again I felt overwhelmed. AND once again our joy turned into fear and worry. The nurse told me she’d call me back the next day with an appointment time (since the appointment staff was already gone for the day). Now let me tell you something. When I started going to the infertility clinic I was told by the doctor that if I were to use them to get pregnant (and if I did get pregnant) I was to stay with them through out my pregnancy. I didn’t think anything about it until I had experienced all of the crap. And by that point there was no way in hell I was going to spend nine damn months with them. I was a wreck already and had just been with them for three months.

When I hung up the phone I was so upset. Carol wanted to know what was said. When I told her, Carol was furious and had had enough. She told me we were done with them and we weren’t going to take anymore of their crap. She told me I was to call our own OB/GYN’s office, tell them I was pregnant and make an appointment to have her as my primary doctor from that point forward. The next day I did just that. Carol had also suggested I speak with my OB/GYN’s nurse and ask her about my concerns (which were put into my head by the infertility clinic). So after I made an appointment I asked to speak to a nurse. I asked her about my high HCG levels. I needed to know I was OK. She asked me what the number was and when I told her she simply said,”Oh, honey, that can be an indication a woman is carrying multiple babies. But, your HCG level does not indicate you have anything to worry about in regards to your pregnancy.” Did she say multiple babies? I was speechless. You mean I could have twins? The nurse was wonderful. She told me to relax. She explained when I was 5 weeks along my doctor would do a vaginal sonogram. And at that point we’d be able to see if we were having more than one baby. She also explained they would do another blood test which would tell us more about my HCG levels. I started to cry. I told her I was scared to have another vaginal sonogram. And when I told her what had happened to me during my first one she made it clear the vaginal sonogram was not supposed to hurt. She assured me the same thing would not happen again. AND folks guess what else this wonderful nurse said? SHE CONGRATULATED ME! What a thought! I felt a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. This nurse singlehandedly brought back my joy and excitement for being pregnant. For the first time I felt I didn’t have to hold my breath anymore. It made me think maybe the women trying to get pregnant at the infertility clinic were having so many problems getting pregnant because the facility was keeping them so STRESSED OUT! INSANE! ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

There was one last thing I wanted to ask the nurse before hanging up with her. I wanted to know if my pregnancy was considered high risk simply because I had an IUI. She asked me why I needed an IUI (if I had any problems). I explained to her that I was just missing the sperm. She chuckled at my candidness. She took a moment to look through my medical records and she confirmed my age. She then told me she saw no reason for me to be categorized as high risk. I even made some of the same statements which were made to me by the doctor and nurse at the infertility clinic to see what she’d say. And would you believe she gave the exact same answers as I had? She told me not all women who go to infertility clinics are high risk. Holy shit, folks. Even this nurse got it. I felt so relieved.

The next day I received a call from the nurse at the infertility clinic. She had an appointment date for me to have my blood work done and for a vaginal sonogram. As she was telling me the information I interrupted her. I told her we wouldn’t be needing the infertility clinic’s services any longer. Yep, I said, “We!” I thanked her for her time and told her I had already made an appointment with my own OB/GYN. The nurse at the infertility clinic sounded stunned. She stuttered a bit and told me I couldn’t do that because I was considered a high risk patient and I needed to be seen by a specialist during my pregnancy. It was at that moment I was so elated I had already asked my OB/GYN’s nurse the question about being high risk. It gave me the confidence to tell the nurse that I truly appreciated all they had done for me but I was going to be moving on. I didn’t mean to hang up on her but I had nothing more to discuss with her. Folks as I was hanging up it felt SO good to say, “Good riddance!”

I have to tell you I was beyond ecstatic to have the infertility clinic and the procedures behind me (no pun). I just wanted to look forward. Life was great and we just couldn’t wait to experience every part of my pregnancy. Yippee, we were pregnant! I was even excited to have our vaginal sonogram so we could see how many babies we were having…one, two, three?

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