My Baby Story (chapter 12- scooting around)

13 Jul


OK, so I want to take a little detour and share something funny with y’all. A little before I got pregnant, Carol bought a bright red scooter to use since we only had one car. It was for her to take to work and around town. It really was perfect and helped out since we had just one car. I particularly loved it when we’d both ride on it together. Of course she would drive. That was great because I loved holding onto Carol around her waste. It being cold outside and with us wearing our heavy jackets, I loved giving her surprise squeezes a bit higher where no one else could see.

Now let me explain. I was terrified of the scooter. I mean I was terrified while I was on it and it was moving at a “high” rate of speed. So, when Carol would drive I was always yelling for her, “SLOW DOWN!” Folks, I don’t think she ever went faster than 20 mph and yet that was still too fast for me. The best was when she would have to make a turn. I couldn’t lean. I was so scared I was going to fall off. And so Carol would always be yelling back at me, “LEAN! LEAN!”I can’t imagine what a site we were to passing cars. The best part was I rode the scooter in a skirt or a dress. No worries though. I just tucked it under my seat and in between my legs really well.

Anyway, wouldn’t you know Carol ended up getting a full time job thirty miles away. She would have to leave to go to work before I was finished with work. So, the scooter became my wheels to drive to my work ( before I no longer worked). Now, for those of you who don’t know me, let me give you a bit of a description of how I looked on that bright red scooter. Of course I wore a skirt or dress. No way was riding a scooter going change me and get me wearing pants. I did wear a helmet. It was a huge red one. I felt ridiculous in it that was for sure. Here was the best part. Remember how I said I didn’t like Carol to go too fast on it? Well, when I drove I usually didn’t go faster than 10 mph. AND so there I was in my professional clothing, my skirt/dress strategically shoved under and in between my legs and my big red helmet. I’m sure I was quite a the site especially with driving soooo slow on the major roads on my way to work. Yes, I know. I was probably cursed by every single car that was piled up behind me trying to get to work. But, I didn’t care. Even though I was quite conspicuous no one could tell it was me with the huge helmet I was wearing. I liked that part a lot.

Now here was the thing about riding a scooter. At the time I didn’t know there was a “kinship” between bikers. That included scooters and motorcycles. And so, when a motorcyclist would drive passed me they’d wave. I was expected to wave back. Oh my G-d! I could barely drive the thing with two hands on the handle bars and suddenly I was responsible for keeping up with street etiquette by waving back? There was no way in hell I was going to take my hands off those handle bars! But by no means did I want to seem rude. Folks, I know this sounds crazy but I spent several nights thinking about how I could “wave” back with out actually having to wave. And then it came to me. When a motorcyclist passed and waved, I would lift one of my fingers and wiggle it. I thought that was inventive and a good compromise. However, there were times when lifting a finger was too hard, so I had to come up with an alternative. During those times I’d bow my head in acknowledgement instead. Meanwhile, you think the other bikers even knew what I was doing? Yea, I know. Probably not. But at least I tried. Lord! I really must have been a site! At least I brought humor to those who saw me, right?

Well, just as I was getting used to driving the scooter, I got pregnant. I was able to convince Carol to let me drive the scooter until I was about 3 month’s pregnant. At that point she was just too worried I’d get hurt. And so I was banned from driving it. My scooter days were over. It was definitely for the better. However, I often wondered how cool I would have looked driving down the road in a skirt, a big red helmet and an 8 month pregnant belly. Don’t worry I never was able to find out.


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