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Davis Family from Birmingham, AL

Davis Family Tree

(original name in Romania was Davidavitz- Dovidavitz-Davidowitz)

MAX (Hebrew name: Mordechai…father was Dov) (born 1871) (died January 14, 1938) – RACHEL (Hebrew name:Rachel) (maiden name possibly Israel?) (born 1875) Died July 21, 1948

  • both immigrated from (Roma?) Romania in 1895
  • Max was said to be a hothead. When in Romania it was said he got into an argument with a man at the town’s open market. The argument was over a horse. Max got so at the man, he picked up a rock, hit the man and killed him. Max was a wanted man for the murder of that man and so Max fled with his family to the United States.
 Children of Max and Rachel:

1) Jennie (Hebrew name: Shendel) Buried with Davis last name at Knesseth Israel Cemetery in Birmingham, AL (born in Romania       in 1891- died May 5, 1947 (breast cancer) married Mr. Mendlecohn (also Mendlesohn). They divorced by the time their child was 4.

1a) Son of Jennie & Mr. Mendlecohn: Maurice Mendlecohn (or Mendlesohn) (born ? 1929 ish died 1951?)  His mom is buried as Jennie Davis…found a grave at the same cemetery with a Maurice Davis…Born: Nov. 2 1907 and died Mar 14, 1952. Not sure if this is him.  Maurice enlisted into airforce-was a pilot.  married Rita (?) and had one son.                     

1b) Grandson of Jennie & Mr. Mendlecohn: Maurice, Jr. last name? (born 1953?) Rita (?) remarries and lived in Greensboro, NC?

2) Henry (born in Romania in 1893) married Rose Lebowitz (Romania to Toronto Canada) lived in New York

As told by Howard Davis from family memories- “Rose was also Romanian and her whole family was from Toronto Canada. She met Henry in New York, while on a shopping trip, they lived together, got married and had my father, Irwin on 1/8/1918. He took her down to Alabama in 1919 and according to family stories, Henry was a gun-toting wild man. My grandmother, Rose fled with her son, Irwin and ran away back to her family in Toronto. Henry was a madman and would abuse everyone. Henry went wild and came to Toronto looking for his wife, Rose and his son. Her uncles protected her and chased Henry away. My father was raised my his loving mother Rose and never knew his father. My father, Irwin, became a chemical engineer and moved with my mom, Eva, to Philadelphia. According to my mom, Henry came to Philadelphia in 1951 looking for his son, and my father refused to see him. As a child I remember my father talking to his aunt Matilda from Alabama. On 10-16-1963 my father Irwin Davis died from a heart attack at age 45. We received numerous condolence western union telegrams from Alabama.” 

2a) Son of Henry and Rose= Irwin Davis (born Jan 8, 1918 in New York- died Oct 16, 1963 from a heart attack) married Eva

2b) Grandson of Henry and Rose: Howard Davis (born 1954) married ?

Son: Ryan Davis (born 1987) married in 2013 to Marissa (maiden name?) Davis (born ?)

Daughter: Erica Davis

3) Oscar (born in Alabama 1900 died Dec, 24, 1963) married Sara Mendlesohn (born in Alabama 1913 & died Aug 10, 1990

3a) Daughter of Oscar and Sara: Delores Davis (born Dec. 1939) married Jack Berlin (date?)

3b) Grandson of Oscar and Sara:Lynn Davis (male child born Nov 1940) married Cookie (birth name?) (date?)


4) Della (Hebrew name: Eidel) (born in Alabama but 1920 census says Romania) (1901 died October 24, 1939) married Louis Wallock (Hebrew name: Levi) born: May 14, 1891 and died December 31, 1926 (born in Russia). Louis immigrated to America in 1910. Was killed. Incident unclear) Part Of Precinct 33 Bessemer City 4. Della’s yahrzeit is at Temple Beth-El in Birmingham, AL It’s interesting to see her business was est. the same time of her death:

Company Name: Della Wallock Shops, Inc.   Company Number:808 – 829    Business Type:Domestic Corporation Status:Dissolved   Registered Date:10-25-1939    Place of Formation:Jefferson County Business Nature:GENERAL MERCHANDISE BUSINESS ETC    Capital:$2,000    Agent:n/a

4a) Son of Della and Louis:Lawrence Everett (Larry) Wallock (born 11/24/1924 & died 8/30/1991) married 9/7/1947 to Beverly Doris Berman (5/7/1927 & died 2/7/1989)

4b) Grandson of Della and Louis: Layne Wallock (born 1948)

4b) Granddaughter of Della and Louis: Debbie Wallock Spitzberg

5) Mathilda (born in New York 1905) married Ben Goltsman (born in Penn 1870) Had been married before with a child. Because of that during this time the family didn’t like. He also had no money and way to support Matilda. Ben sold a label of cheap wine in Montgomery, AL and became very wealthy. The company was called: Ben R. Goltsman Bottling Company Inc. It was established on July 1, 1952. File number 748-742. Address:145 COOSA STREET MONTGOMERY ALABAMA 36102. Ben’s son Larry took over the business and in 1963 tried to expand the business.

Ben R. Goltsman Bottling Company, Inc. is a Florida Foreign Profit Corporation filed on August 1, 1963. The company’s filing status is listed as Inactive and its File Number is817249.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Standard Distributing Co. and is located at 375 North Ninth Avenue Pensacola, FL 32502. The company’s principal address is145 Coosa Street Montgomery Alabama, FL 36102 and its mailing address is 145 Coosa Street Montgomery Alabama36102.

The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are Calvert,b W from Montgomery AL, James G Hawthorne from Montgomery AL, and Larry E Wallock from Montgomery AL.

Ben and Matilda were well thought of in the Montgomery society. Ben also owned the baseball team. They had a chauffeur and maids. Was told that when Della died Lawrence went to live with Matilda. And when Jennie and her husband died Maurice too went to live with Matilda. Maurice goes into the airforce and returns safely. Ben buys him a plane. There is a wedding in Colorado. Maurice, Sidney and Larry were going to go on the plane. Larry got sick at the last minute and couldn’t go but Maurice and Sidney go. The plane crashes on their return trip and Maurice and Sidney are killed. Matilda was never the same after the accident. She drank heavily. They never divorced but lived in separate homes. No one forgave Ben for buying the plane. In Ben’s obituary it stated Larry was his adopted son.

5a) Son of Mathilda and Ben: Sidney S. Goltsman (born in AL 1925 died 1951?) All lived in Clanton, Chilton, AL by 1930 census

6) Isadore (born in Alabama 1909 (1910?) died 3/12/04 ) married Rose Shugerman (born in Alabama 1910 (1909?) died 1/2/76 Former owner of Davis Produce Grocery along with brothers.

6a) Daughter of Isadore and Rose: Carol Gloria (middle name believed to have been created by Carol, not parents) (born AL 9/11/36  died 1/15/86 breast cancer and lung cancer) married Norman M. Shved (born Brooklyn, NY 6/9/33 died 11/17/07 lung cancer)

6a: Granddaughter one of Isador and Rose and daughter of Carol and Norman: Morrie Norma Shved (born GA 9/27/63) married Leon J. Shelkoff (born SC 8/25/58 ?) Children of Morrie and Leon: a) Cari Lei Shelkoff (born GA 5/8/87) married (June 28, 2015) Michael Steckel (born Pittsburg)  b) Jules Meryl Shelkoff (born GA 4/14/90)                  

6aa: Granddaughter two of Isador and Rose and daughter of Carol and Norman:MaLea Norma Shved (born GA 4/8/70) partnered Carol A. Breland (born GA  8/1/61) Previously married and has a daughter, Kaitlin Frakes (born 7/26/87)  Children of Carol and MaLea: Judah Kol Breland (born GA 8/10/03)

6b) Son of Isadore and Rose: Melvin (born 1940 or 1941?) married Jane (?) Children: Robert Michael (born 1973?) married Miriam (?) Isadora born ?

7) Dorothy (Hebrew name: Devorah) (born in Alabama) born: September 20, 1908 and died: October 31, 1953 married Walter I. Morris (Hebrew name: Zahav) (born: July 22, 1891 and died: April 27, 1960) Dorothy lived in a boarding house in 1930 at the age of 19 before getting married. No children.

8) Abe (born 1912) married Elsie (also Elise) Shugerman (born 1914)

8a) Abe and Elsie’s son: Herbert (Pudgy) had car accident- brain injury. (born 1934- died 2011)

8b) Abe and Elsie’s son: Albert M (born 1940) married ? Children


LEZA DAVIS (Hebrew name: Malka Leah) (her father’s Hebrew name: Mordechai Dov)  (born Feb 14, 1889) (died: May 12, 1968) in Romania)(aka Aunt Sister) Her father’s Hebrew name was Mordechai Dov – LEON NEWMAN (Hebrew name: Avraham Lev) (born April 5, 1885 in Romania) Died: July 3, 1959 Neither were naturalized by the 1940 census It was thought that “Aunt Sister” was the oldest child of Max and Rachel but that would have made Rachel too young to have had a child. The thought is Aunt Sister is actually Max’s sister. a) Isadore (Hebrew name Yitzhak) (born in Alabama) born: June 13, 1911 and died: April 22, 1965-  married Miriam Berman (born April 11, 1921 and died: January 29, 1977 b) Harold (born in Alabama August 12, 1918 and died June 27, 2001) married Shirley Fink(?) Children: a) Marsha Newman P…  b) Larry Newman

Newman, Harold “Hal”

Newman captained the football at the University of Alabama in 1940 and was named third team All-SEC (Southeastern Conference) that season. In 1998, Harold was featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Southern Jewish Experience called Shalom Y’all: A Road Trip through Jewish Alabama.

Birth and Death Dates:
b. August 12, 1918 – d. Julne 27, 2001

Career Highlights:
Born in Alabama, Newman attended Ramsey Technical High School in Birmingham where he was an all-city, county and state tackle his senior year (1935). Newman then attended the University of Alabama and redshirted in 1937, but was a member of the Tide’s Rose Bowl team that played on January 1, 1938 (he did not play). The following year, he started at right end in two games (playing in all games) as Alabama had a record of 7-1-1 and were ranked No. 13 in the country; their only loss came at the hands of No. 2 Tennessee, 13-0. The following season, Newman firmly established himself as a starter at end as Alabama finished 5-3-1. That year, he earned second team All-American honors and was named to the Birmingham Post All-SEC team. Alabama coach Frank Thomas called Newman “the best player in the South” and he was the Bama Cup recipient as the University’s most outstanding athlete for the 1939-40 year.As a senior in 1940, Newman was named captain and the Tide won their first three games of the year before losing to No. 4 Tennessee, 27-12 (it was Alabama’s third straight loss to Tennessee). The Tide then won their next four games before losing the final game of the year to No. 9 Mississippi State, 13-0. Alabama finished the season with a record of 7-2-0 and Newman was named All-Southeastern Conference third team despite playing much of the season injured. He also played in the 1940 Blue-Gray Game and started at end for the Grays.

After graduating, Newman was drafted by, and contracted to ($165 per game), the Brooklyn Dodgers of the NFL football club for the 1941 season. Before he could play for the Dodgers, however, Newman was drafted into government service. During World War II, he was a co-captain of the Randolph Field (San Antonio, Texas) Ramblers, who went undefeated and untied and won the 1944 National Service Team championship – they also finished third in the Associated Press poll behind Army and Ohio State. Newman then appeared in the 1945 Poi Bowl held in Honolulu in a game that matched the U.S. Army Air Force All-stars vs. the U.S. Navy All-stars. He was later Athletic Officer at Ft. Belvior, Virginia in 1945-46.


Career Dates:
Newman played end at the University of Alabama from 1938-1940.

Information on Harold is from:


Harold was 6’1 and 210 pounds when he played for Alabama


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Are you a Shugerman?

Abe and Lee Shugerman

Abe and Lee Shugerman

Abe Shugerman

Clement Shugerman

young Bess Shugerman

Ida and Abe Shugerman young couple

Jeanne Shugerman Denson

Bess Shugerman Stampleman and Aurthor and Bob Stampleman

Sitting is Bess Shugerman Stampleman and Carol Davis Shved (my mom)

Sitting: Bess Shugerman Stampleman, Joe Stampleman and Carol Davis Shved (my mom)


Plane crash of Bess Shugerman Stampleman and Joe Stampleman


Jeanne Shugerman Denson sitting

My friend suggested I contact the Birmingham, AL police to see if there possibly was anything still around from Clement’s case. After schmoozing with some very nice people and then being redirected a few times I found the office that could help. They were amazing! They told me there had been a fire and not a lot of files still existed from before 1954. However, they still made an effort to look. They found about 10 boxes labeled 1930. Over a few day period they went through each box and every piece of paper in those boxes. Would you believe out of all of them they found one index card about the case. It was by the investigating officers at that time and how they determined it suicide. Here is a copy of the card which was sent to me via e-mail by that records office in Birmingham.

I’ve included the full page where information was written about Clement in the paper. I have just the article a lot larger underneath.



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