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Make America Great Again?

It’s always hard to look at ourselves to see what we have done to contribute to the wrongs in this world…it is easier to blame the ones around us. In the Jewish communities we often say, “Our small Jewish community is dwindling because our young people are moving away (where there are better jobs).” As the reasons may have some truth I feel strongly we as individuals play a part in the problem. In order to really find the truth we must look in the mirror to search for our own responsibilities. We must begin asking ourselves how did I (we as a community) turn others away?
It’s never easy to look at ourselves and to criticize our own communities. It can be painful. However in the end we can emerge much stronger and more unified. Searching internally for the answers doesn’t have to drive us away from one another (in anger due to making accusations and pointing fingers) but instead towards one another in brother and sisterhood. We need to begin looking at the commonalities we share. We need to stop being silent partners and supporters AND start standing up for those who are being mistreated. If my fellow Jew is being mistreated, then I am mistreated. This is the mentality we need to take.
In reference to my larger community, my country, I am angry when I hear politicians be allowed to make anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim (and the list goes on, people) AND my fellow Jews are not even outraged. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? I’m blown away that Jews (out of all people because of the hate we’ve had to endure) continue to support people who have publicly spoken hatefully against other groups. To my fellow Jews did you know there was a large German Jewish following of Hitler? You think that was then and this is now? Well, the Jews who supported Hitler believed in his promise of making Germany great again. Hitler promised to bring back wealth and jobs. Amongst his promises were also words of hate towards Jews and other groups but people ignored that part. Hitler vocalized his bigotries from the beginning but Jews wanted to believe nothing would come of it. Over time as Hitler’s popularity grew, the anger in Germany grew. Oh, but, it didn’t grow against Hitler. Oh no, it didn’t. Instead that anger was targeted towards the groups that Hitler negatively spoke about in his speeches. Folks, it was the beginning of the end of the Germany that millions of Jews called their home. Back then, Jews around the world were in disbelief that one man could manipulate an entire nation and allow such hate to seethe through so many of their citizens. By no means would I ever suggest it was the fault of the Jews and that they caused their own destiny. NO! NO! NO! But I am saying when there are clues, we must listen to them. I am trying to understand how we as Jews keep repeating history even when we have the answers from our past. I don’t care if Trump will “take government out of our lives”, “create more jobs”, “save us from ISIS”… all of his promises are mute and void when in his speeches are intertwined with hate. I am afraid of what that hate will transpire into if he is elected. People love the fact that he has broken through the barriers of speaking politically correct. Maybe that’s good so we can know where he stands. And yet, we don’t seem to be listening. His ability to break through the walls of “non politically correctness” he has singlehandedly ensued a level of hate that has not been seen in this country for many years.
A teenager standing silently and respectfully at a Trump rally was holding up a respectful sign about his family from Mexico. I know first hand from a student of mine who was there and was appalled by what happened. The teenager was manhandled by several large grown men, yelled at by the grown ups around him (as they called him terrible racist names) and thrown (VERY FORCEFULLY) out of the rally. AND that wasn’t all. Those men during the rally were recognized by Trump himself for doing what they did. They were considered heroes. Oh, and that’s not all either. After Trump recognized those men, the crowd went crazy cheering those men all while many in the crowd were yelling more hateful remarks against the teenager. I know other people who were there who were cheering and didn’t even hear all of the hateful slurs being yelled…BUT you can hear them clearly in the video of the event.
Where is the outrage? Jews, where is our outrage? Every year we remember the millions who died in the holocaust and we repeat the words, “Never again”. Well, it takes more than just repeating those words. It means we take the clues from our past, compare them to what is happening today. AND dammit if it matches, we need to fight like hell to stop it from happening in our future. NEVER should hate be a part of a campaign and we should not be standing idly by as we have done in our past. Over and over again we have said, “Oh, it can’t happen here. We live in modern day. We have laws protecting us.”
How many times in our history have we said it could never happen and it did? How many times did we see it coming but chose to do nothing? How many times did we get wrapped up in the promises and overlook the hatred that was festering underneath?
I am appalled, scared and enraged by the increase of hate that has been allowed to perpetuate in this country. Some say the increased racism is the fault of President Obama. Well, you know what? I could not agree more. When a black man is elected to become our first ever black president AND then is re-elected, those bigots out there are angrier than ever. Simply having a black man as president pisses people off. AND SO, it is the president’s fault. (Laugh inserted here) I just love the philosophy of blaming the victim. Meanwhile, how about Donald Trumpf? During his rallies hate has been applauded, accepted as speaking his mind AND used as a took for him to gain power. Sound familiar my fellow Jews? Never again, my ass.
The hell with any policies or promises Trump says he will and can achieve. His promises are null and void to me as I cannot trust someone willing to speak hatefully against any of my fellow citizens. As a woman who is Jewish and gay I place preserving my own freedom first in the America that I love BECAUSE it was meant for ALL. There were German Jews who excused Hitler’s hate until it was too late… until it was very clear his hate were not just “politically incorrect” words. HELLO?!
Folks, anyone who is arrogant enough to publicly speak in a derogatory manner against any group (AND receives standing ovations after saying it), we should ALL be TERRIFIED.
I understand we all have different political views which I respect and appreciate. My issue, my fear and my concern right now in this election is that we have a man who is running for president of the United States of America who is isolating many through hate. Our country has fought too hard for the sake of allowing ALL the same rights and liberties.
A man who is able to create such hatred with in our fellow citizens is frightening. It’s frightening to watch a man stand with his head held high all the while standing securely on a podium of hate. If that’s how those who are voting for Trump feel can “Make America Great Again” then shame on you. SHAME ON YOU!

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