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Easy Halloween Costume

Last Halloween we were stuck with what to do. Our son couldn’t decide and some ideas I saw were more complicated than what I wanted to do. Then, I found the idea to be a LEGO.

It was so easy and took about 3 hours to make the three of these. In directions I found it suggested to spray paint the boxes which can be done. However, I didn’t like the tape showing and I didn’t have enough time for it to dry. But, you could match the duct tape (which is what you use to tape down the containers) to the spray paint if that bothers you. Now that there are so many wonderful duct tape colors I picked up 3 rolls per adult box and 2 rolls for the kid box.

Hints: *When taping the round macaroni or soup containers to the box, go ahead and use the same color duct               tape as you will use for the box. The tape will buckle a bit but it’s OK.

* Duct tape one side at a time and start with the side with the containers. Go in a straight line to keep                 from buckling. Will do some of that around containers but that’s OK.

Wish I had: I think a LEGO hat would have been cute, writing the word LEGO on the back and wearing           clothes that were all the same color. But, I was doing well with getting this done and you may have better ideas.

I’d love to see your completed product!

 Have fun with it!





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